Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lushious?
Lushious is a brand that specialises in providing high-quality, lush, and delicious vegetables.
What sets Lushious vegetables apart?

Fresh: Harvesting and delivery is done through strictly temperature controlled logistics directly from the farm to the retailer to ensure freshness and shelf life. This unbroken cold chain begins at our Processing and Packaging Centre (CPPC), travels to our main distribution centre and is further distributed to retail outlets nationwide.

Hygienic: Lushious goes through a clean process from seed to shelf. Lushious vegetables are grown and harvested in greenhouses and then packaged at the certified CPPC under strict GMP procedures.

Delicious: We select and grow the tastiest varieties. We ensure that the taste and freshness are preserved through our unbroken cold chain.

Wide range: More than 50 SKUs to choose from to suit your preferences and uses.

Environmentally friendly: We adhere to MyGAP and GMP guidelines throughout the production process, which place a high value on the environment - we minimise waste and dispose of it properly. We ensure that the environment is not polluted by following strict guidelines on the use of fertilisers and chemicals.

How are Lushious vegetables packaged?
Lushious vegetables are conveniently portioned and packaged to preserve freshness and ensure easy handling and usage.
Are Lushious vegetables safe to consume?

Yes, Lushious prioritises food safety, and their vegetables undergo rigorous quality control measures to guarantee safe consumption.

How does Lushious ensure the high quality of its products?
Our vegetables are grown and harvested specifically in the Cameron Highlands according to strict procedures. Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) models and holistic environmentally friendly methods are used. At our state-of-the-art Consolidated Processing and Packaging Centre (CPPC), Lushious’ vegetables are carefully selected, sorted, cleaned, packed and immediately vacuum-cooled to ensure freshness and traceability. We are also MyGAP certified, an advanced, responsible farming method that enables the production of safe, healthy and high quality vegetables while ensuring their nutritional value and content.
Does Lushious support local agriculture?
Lushious values local agriculture and often sources their vegetables from local farmers, supporting the community and promoting regional food production.
What are some of the agricultural practises of Lushious?
Our lettuces and head lettuces are grown using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), an environmentally friendly hydroponic technique that minimises water consumption and increases crop productivity. We grow our lettuces in greenhouses to better control the growing environment. The fertigation method is used to supply the plants with water and nutrients. In the greenhouses, the vegetables are better protected from pests, so few pesticides are needed.
Where can I find Lushious vegetables?
Lushious vegetables are available at select grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty food retailers. Check here.
Can I find recipe ideas or cooking suggestions for Lushious vegetables?
Yes, Lushious provides recipe ideas and cooking suggestions on our website ( or social media platforms to help customers make the most of their vegetables.