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Where Freshness Meets Flavor!

Lushious is your gateway to premium-grade vegetables — healthier, fresher, and bursting with taste! Choose from our diverse range of nearly 50 products, including salads, herbs, chillies, and more.

Grown and harvested in Cameron Highlands, our vegetables undergo meticulous processes in Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) models, ensuring top quality products.

At our state-of-the-art Consolidated Processing and Packaging Center (CPPC), each vegetable is selected, graded, cleaned, and immediately vacuum-chilled, preserving freshness and traceability.

Certified by MyGAP for responsible farming practices and GMP for safety, Lushious guarantees top-notch quality. Our refrigerated lorries maintain an uninterrupted cold chain, delivering the freshest vegetables to your table. Free from harmful chemicals, our vegetables are a safe and nutritious choice for a healthier lifestyle.

Find Lushious at major retail outlets — making the wise choice for a healthier life has never been more delightful!

Our Practices

Quality at every bite!

There are no compromises on quality and safety at Lushious. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our adherence to local and international standards, ensuring that our products are not just safe but also free from harmful pesticides and fungicides.

Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices

Endorsed by the Department of Agriculture, our greenhouses in Cameron Highlands follow MyGAP guidelines meticulously.

From nursery to harvest, we prioritise sustainability and safety, employing only legal foreign workers and maintaining eco-friendly farming practices.

Good Manufacturing Practices

At our state-of-the-art Consolidated Packing and Packaging Center (CPPC), strict grading ensures only the finest vegetables make it to your plate, adhering to the systematic approach of GMP.

Stored in our controlled environment warehouse and transported through our exclusive cold chain, Lushious maintains impeccable hygiene standards. Our commitment extends to never storing or transporting vegetables alongside non-food items.

Choose Lushious for a flavorful journey that guarantees quality at every bite!

Our Commitment

Where farming excellence takes root

Nurtured in the fertile soils of Bertam Valley and Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, Lushious vegetables are a testament to the dedication of our own skilled farmers.

Our quest for perfection starts with selecting only the finest seeds, followed by a rigorous process that ensures only the healthiest seedlings make the cut. Automation meets precision in our fertigation system, tailored for optimal crop nourishment.

For our salads and lettuce, we embrace the eco-friendly Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) in controlled greenhouses, reducing water usage and minimising the need for pesticides.

Every vegetable is farm-tagged, ensuring traceability and compliance with MyGAP and GMP standards. Lushious invites you to savor the journey from seed to plate, where quality and innovation flourish.