From farm to fork Lushious
is all about healthier, fresher vegetables!

Lushious by Monoluxury:

Premium Quality Vegetables, Fresh from Farm to Fork

A brand of lush and delicious vegetables of the highest quality. Our unwavering commitment to preserving freshness is embodied in conveniently portioned packs, delivering not just food but a lifestyle of safety and nutrient-rich goodness. As a leading and highly accredited brand, Lushious prioritises sustainable agricultural practices, playing a crucial role in safeguarding the national food supply.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Cultivated under MyGAP, harvested at peak ripeness, and meticulously packed by trained staff following GMP standards, Lushious ensures premium quality vegetables. We stand as your optimal choice for safe, fresh produce, delivering a taste of premium quality goodness. From the lush fields to your fork, we assure an unbroken journey of freshness for your palate and overall well-being.

How do we ensure high quality freshness from farm to fork?

Cold Chain Network

Our unbroken temperature-controlled logistics safeguard Lushious’ freshness and nutrients, ensuring it is ready for your dining table.

of Quality

At Lushious, cultivation and preparation adhere to global standards in food safety and product integrity. Our vegetables boast accreditations that underscore their Premium Quality.


Good Manufacturing Practices


Malaysia Good Agricultural Practice

These certifications serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment
to delivering the finest and safest produce from the farm to your fork.