Lushious Salanova Coral Bionda

Product Description;

Salanova® makes lettuce easy! It is a name that stands for fresh, easy-to-prepare lettuce with big tasting baby-sized leaves. With just one cut your Salanova lettuce falls apart into numerous small, ready-to-eat leaves! Try Salanova yourself and have a new taste experience!

Lushious Salanova Coral Bionda is grown in our farms in Cameron Highland applying the NFT system.  Salanova Coral Bionda forms a distinct compact rosette of pale green fan-shaped leaves with a non-hearting base. The leaves have a crisp, semi-succulent, hardy texture and ruffled tips. The curled leaves also have a practical function as they increase the surface area enabling salad dressings to be caught up in the leaf and not to the bottom of your salad bowl. Salanova Coral Bionda have a refreshing taste. Their flavor is bold, slightly bitter and nutty.

Lushious Salanova Coral Bionda is packed with two pieces of premium Salanova Coral Bionda in clamshell packaging with minimum weight of 200g per pack. 

Do You Know?

Green fine coral style leaf with slightly more 3-D characteristics than previous varieties in this range

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