Lushious Mixed Coral

Product Description;

Lushious Mix Coral is a mix of Green Coral and Red Coral, grown in our farms in Cameron Highland applying the NFT system.

Green Coral and Red Coral’s voluminous light green and red curly leaves makes them for attractive presentation. While they have consistently crispy and succulent texture, their flavour is delicate and mild with a slightly bitter undertone. 

Lushious Mix Coral  is packed with one piece of each green coral and red coral in 250g clamshell packaging.

Buying and Storing Tips;

Look for bright, crisp leaves. Store in an airtight container or sealed plastic bag in the fridge for up to five days.

Health Benefits;

Lettuce has some anti-oxidants, plus folate and fibre. Deep-coloured leaves are also a source of beta-carotene.


Product Catalogue

Lushious Mixed Coral

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