Lushious Iceberg Lettuce

Product Description;

Lushious Iceberg Lettuce is grown in our farms in Cameron Highland applying the NFT system.

Iceberg’s leaves are tightly bound, broadly shaped, thick walled and concentrated with more water than other salads.  Their outer leaves are sea green in color while inner leaves range from pale yellow to a translucent white. All the leaves form a nearly perfect globular head. They are popular for their crunchiness with mild and refreshing taste and  have become a perfect base for any sort of salad.

Lushious Iceberg Lettuce is packed with one head of Premium Iceberg Lettuce  in plain plastic bag with minimum weight of 400g each

Buying and Storing Tips;

Select iceberg lettuce that is heavy for its size with fresh-looking leaves that are firm to touch. Store in a plastic bag or container in the crisper of the fridge.

Health Benefits;

Iceberg Lettuce is very low in calorie. It prevents you from many heart diseases with moderate amount of potassium is present in this lettuce. Iceberg lettuce has a high water content and is very low in calories. Therefore, it is good for weight loss efforts. However, it has relatively low amounts of nutrients. It is considered that, owing to the folate content, iceberg lettuce helps in fighting heart diseases and strokes, as well as protecting infants from neural tube defects if it is consumed in appropriate amounts by pregnant women.


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