Lushious Green Chilli


Grown in Cameron Highlands, Lushious Green Chili is an alternative for your taste.  They come with Green, smooth and glossy skin, and fleshy with hardy fresh stem. Green Chili have thicker wall and almost straight with 9 to 15 cm in length.  They are also slender but with less sharp piquant flavour compared to Red Chilies.

Lushious Green Chili is packed with 250g of quality selected Green Chili in plastic bag.

Buying and Storing Tips;

Look for even-coloured chillies with taut skin. Store in the crisper section or in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge for up to one week.

Health Benefits;

High in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, Green Chili contain capsaicin, which may aid weight loss by increasing metabolism.


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