Lushious Butterhead (in PE Bag)

Product Description;

Lushious Butterhead  is grown in our farms in Cameron Highland applying the NFT system.

Butterhead can be recognised by their pale green and medium-sized leaves that form solid medium-large heads and buttery yellow heart at the centre. Their smaller leaves, delicate texture and sweet buttery flavour would make them a better choice to make a delicious sandwich.

Lushious Butterhead (in PE Bag) is packed with one piece of Butterhead Salad (or more) in plain plastic bag  with minimum weight of 200g per pack.

Buying and Storing Tips;

Choose leaves that feature crispy outlook, bright in color. Avoid sunken leaves with spots or discoloration. Pack them in a plastic bag or keep inside the refrigerator. 

Health Benefits;

Large Butterhead lettuce provides a high dose of fiber and beta carotene, good dose of folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, iron, potassium, and bioflavonoids in 50 calories.


Product Catalogue

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Lushious Butterhead

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