Lushious Amoroso Truss


Lushious Amoroso are the super premium variety of tomatoes grown in our farms in Cameron Highlands. Lushious Amoroso Truss have a great visual appeal with uniform round, cocktail-sized, bright red tomatoes with nice green flat trusses. They have smooth skin and fleshy internal segments filled with slimy seeds surrounded by a watery matrix. They are highly recognised for their sweet taste which are perfect for cocktail. 

Lushious Amoroso Truss is packed with 350g of Amoroso Tomatoes intact together with their  vines in tray and shrinkwrap. 

Buying and storing tips;

Select bright red for immediate use and pale pink for future use. Keep at room temperature for up to two weeks or until ripened. Store ripe tomatoes in the fridge for up to two days. Bring to room temperature before using.

Health Benefits;

Rich in vitamin B, iron, zinc and potassium, they're higher in vitamin C than other tomatoes

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