Light Green

Lushious Iceberg Lettuce

Product Description;

Lushious Iceberg Lettuce is grown in our farms in Cameron Highland applying the NFT system.

Iceberg’s leaves are tightly bound, broadly shaped, thick walled and concentrated with more water than other salads.  Their outer leaves are sea green in color while inner leaves range from pale yellow to a translucent white. All the leaves form a nearly perfect globular head. They are popular for their crunchiness with mild and refreshing taste and  have become a perfect base for any sort of salad.

Lushious Mixed Salad

Product Description;

Lushious Mix Salad is a mix of three salads; Green Coral, Red Coral and Butterhead salad and added with red cherry tomatoes.

Packed in 250g clamshell packaging

Lushious French Beans


Lushious French Beans are grown in Cameron Highlands. 

French beans have a thin, cylindrical shape with plump indentations along their contour, outlining the peas inside, which are shelled tightly within the bean flesh.  The peas, which are essentially the bean's seeds, are a vibrant lime green in color, semi starchy in texture with a mild taste of the beans sweet and grassy flavors. Lushious French Beans are practically straight with 14 to 20 cm in length. They are fresh and firm that they break in half with a snapping sound.