Your Favorite Red Chili is BACK!! Enjoy safe and fresh red chili with LUSHIOUS!! Get yours now at your nearest stores!!

Lushious Red Chilli had been in the low volume since end of last year. This was mostly contributed by pest and disease issues which did also affect the general supply in the Cameron Highland farms.

As a brand that promotes safety, Lushious do not tolerate sub standard quality of products. Our red chilli production had faced challenging pest and disease situation during the last quarter of 2014. Quick resolve for this issue would be increasing the amount of chemicals (I.e pesticides) but that would be very unsafe to our consumers and contradictory to our honourable mission. We would never provide harmful vegetables to our consumer. Therefore, we had arrived to the decision to cull the plants 100% in the farm. Adding to the fact that we are also practicing strict rules on sourcing produce from other farms, production of Lushious Red Chilli were short until middle of this year.

Nevertheless, we strive to make sure sustainable supply of fresh and safe products to our consumers. Proper planning and new planting approach have been implemented in our farms since early of this year into securing sufficient supply of Lushious Red Chilli as well as our whole range of vegetables. Rest assured that the supply of Lushious Red Chilli will be available until end of this year. Get yours now!! The safest Red Chili in town is back!!

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