Halal mean permissible in Islam and Tayyiban means wholesome: healthy, safe,nutritious, quality. There are certain foods like pork, blood, intoxicants and alcohol that are prohibited for consumption because the detrimental effects to health. Wiki

Why does Halal matter?

Halal matters pertaining to food is to make sure we eat only safe healthy food. This is one of the tenets in Islam because only a healthy body can one put together strong mind and soul.

Halal quidelines make sure that your food come from trusted food grower that comply to Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices and the produce are safe for consumption. These practices are scrutinized by MAFC to ensure there is no cross contamination for Lushious Vegetables. 

Produce could become tainted in the delivery process. The handling company could use the same channel for haraam and unhygienic goods.

Cold Chain Network (CCN), the logistics company entrusted to deliver Premium Lushious Vegetables fresh kept the product in Halalan-Tayyiban Assurance Pipeline (H-TAP); a system for Halalan-Tayyiban goods delivery in ensuring the packages are not contaminated.