Lushious offer more benefits in a vegetable

 Safe-to-eat  We ensure that all Lushious products are safe from crop protection chemicals, strictly adhering to GAP.

 Fresh  Harvested and delivered via strictly temperature-controlled logistics direct from farms to retailers to ensure freshness and shelf life. This unbroken cold chain starts at our processing and packaging center (CPPC) to our main distribution centre and redistributed to retail outlets nationwide.

 Hygienic  Lushious undergo a clean process from seed to the shelf. Lushious vegetables are farmed and harvested in greenhouses, then packed in certified CPPC under strict GMP procedures.

 Delicious  We select and grow the most flavourful varieties. We make sure that the flavour and freshness is preserved through our unbroken cold chain.

 Healthy  Rich with nutrition eg. Tomatoes are high in Vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium and lycopene that help to prevent heart disease and cancer.

 Longer shelf life  Is secured through vacuum cooler and the cold chain that moves the products to the market quickly

 Wide-range  More than 50 SKUs to choose from to suit your preference and choice of use

 Environmental benefits We adhere to MyGAP and GMP throughout the whole production process, which places a strong emphasis on the environment - we minimize waste and manage our waste properly, ensure no pollution to the environment by following strict guidelines in fertilizer and chemical usage.

  Price Premium Quality and Value for money vegetables.

 Easy to buy  Lushious vegetables can be found in your nearby retails outlets – look for the Lushious logo!