Retailers Appreciation Night 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016 - 20:00

The Retailer Appreciation night is an event that our company host to create a close relationship with retailers that has become a coverings tradition. This occasion has been an anticipated part of the yearly’s activities and a meaningful extension of the relationship among retailers and supplier that have a strong influence over consumers requirement. By making a win-win relationship between a supplier and a retailer requires building a connection.

We believe connections between retailers and suppliers are a complex blend of cooperation and competition within a vertical structure, although we share common interests, by working together to customize offerings at different stores and for different type of consumers.

The interests of retailers and consumers are usually closely associated, and that detriments to the one group may lead to detriments to the other. It is a tangible benefit from building trusting relationships and that trust helps with our relationships to realize its full potential. When both sides trust each other, they can share information and invest in understanding each other’s business. By developing trust, supplier and retailers can exploit their complementary skills to adapt quickly to marketplace changes, and develop more creative solutions to meet consumers’ needs.

By working together as partners, we can provide the greatest value to consumers. Retailers need that support and service that us supplier provided to them and this would become increasingly important in attracting and retaining consumer. As the ties get stronger, so do the outcomes. The inevitable conclusion is that when it comes to dealing with supermarkets, consumers and suppliers are in a comparable situation.

Part of this event is to award the store on their achievement in the competition that we have planned for the year. This ties with retailers will provide a good service which will eventually benefit the consumer.